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Monetize your social media reach as an Affiliate

Learn more about earning $$$:

- $50 when you refer an author*

As an affiliate you can earn a commission fee for each content provider that signs a contract AND publishes their first course.

- Unlimited donations when a course you share is purchased

Share your unique code with hospitals, nurses, and other healthcare providers and earn a set amount per course purchased!


  1. Referral fee is a one time payment based on a new content provider signing a contract, when they publish their first course

  2. One referral fee per content provider regardless of how many courses they publish.

  3. Base fee is $50 per contract signed; however, Anywhere CE reserves the right to increase the fee for courses that generate above average sales

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How it Works

Follow these steps to earn your $$$! 

1- Fill out the form below, then we will send you a link to share
2 - Share your link with your contacts and we will track who signs up 
3 -
FOR AUTHOR REFERRALS: We will send you a confirmation when your referral has signed a contract AND publishes their course
FOR PURCHASED COURSES: we will send you a monthly report with the donation amount.
4 - Keep referring, Keep earning!

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