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Sickle Cell Disease:

A Patient's Perspective

4 Contact hours for $65

Activity approved for 4 contact hours by:

  • The Ohio Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. (OBN-001-91)

  • The Association of General Dentistry PACE for any Dental professional

Sickle Cell Disease: Admissions

Course Description

* Examine the thoughts of SCD individuals about the behaviors and misconceptions clinicians have towards them and the disease. 
* Explore the perceptions SCD persons have towards their treatment by healthcare providers and other professionals during disease crises.
* Understand and commit to apply the acronym UNIQUE to improve the care of SCD patients, and communication between patients and providers.
* Develop the ability to identify areas of change in the way providers approach, assess, and treat persons going through an SCD crisis.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

* Understand the difficulties of Sickle Cell disease patients both from the disease and because of the complexity and nuance of treatment

* Identify behaviors, thoughts, or beliefs that you can change in your treatment of Sickle Cell disease patients

* Commit to disseminating the patient perspectives explained in this course

* Understand the historical role of racism in healthcare and how that has impacted Sickle Cell Disease patients


About the author: Marissa Cors, BA

Although Marissa is a Costume Designer by trade, she is also a 5th generation Sickle Cell patient. Her 42 yrs. of living with, dealing and surviving Sickle Cell has made her a professional patient. However, the disease has not stopped her from working towards educating providers and advocating for better treatment of SCD patients: for the past 6 years she has been working with her family’s non-profit Axis Advocacy for Sickle Cell Disease as a patient advocate and community outreach liaison. She puts to use her people and personality management skills to help SCD patients improve their communication with providers about their healthcare needs. She works with patient’s care teams to create a plan that will help them to recuperate and go home in the safest and quickest way possible. Marissa also teaches an inservice to hospital staff and insurance companies about the importance of quick response treatment to an SCD crisis in accordance with the best practices guidelines set forth by the CDC, NIH, ASH, and FDA. Her main goal is to transform the hurt SCD patients feel, both physically and emotionally, to a balanced state of health and healing. Marissa strives to always work calmly, efficiently and effectively with every team in the most respectful and dignified manner possible; Always with KINDNESS to SPARE, WISDOM to CARE and LOVE to SHARE.

Sickle Cell Disease: Welcome
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